About Us

Compact Music is Ottawa's Art Gallery for Music and have been in Ottawa for 40+ years. We're two brothers who have sold albums at every live event you can think of, and have been loving music all of our lives. Our store on 785 Bank Street shows off a lot of our history. 

We have pretty much everything you can think of in the store, from brand new albums to 50's vintage and from metal to musical soundtracks. If it's been printed on vinyl, we either have it or can get it for you. If you can't find an album you want, give us a call and we can get it for you. 

That said, the best thing you can do is stop by our store, after 43 years we have 22,000  new and used albums for you to browse and explore, we promise you'll find something new and fantastic, or an old favorite you'd forgotten about. 

If you have some old vinyl that you aren't listening to anymore, you can even trade it in with us for something new. 

Come see us in the Glebe, and discover some music you'll love. 


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